We have been improving and increasing the services that we provide. Please read this overview to find out how we can be of assistance to you.



HLG not only offers several thousand of dedicated storage space, but HLG can also coordinate access to unlimited warehouse space to meet your changing business needs. Heritage can combine very specialized services that include professional distribution and transportation and our warehousing network becomes an expansion of your own company to provide convenient storage, inventory control and other services.

HLG specialize in both long-term and short-term storage. Our knowledgeable warehouse personnel and managers provide the expertise to help you manage your inventory better. Our warehouse management system helps keep an accurate account of your inventory at all times and can be accessed through our website. Our warehouse systems and services are designed to handle everything from consumer products and general commodities to raw materials.

Our distribution services help businesses optimize their facilities or operations through improved accuracy, increased management control and enhanced decision support systems for superior business planning.

Our experienced workers perform efficient pick and pack operations to streamline your business operations. Years of experience gives us a tremendous edge over the competition and allows us to store, pick, pack, kit and ship any type of product in the most cost efficient method.

HLG appreciates the importance of quickly receiving your product, sorting it, segregating it and shipping it out to various destinations. We can do all these operations in a time span of just a few hours.

Security is taken seriously at HLG. Our warehouse facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security you can depend on to safeguard your products Employment requirements at Heritage Logistics Group include background checks and drug screening.