We have been improving and increasing the services that we provide. Please read this overview to find out how we can be of assistance to you.

Services Overview


HLG offers clients all levels of warehousing, from contract warehousing and distribution to bulk warehousing to client specific distribution needs. Working with associate service providers, HLG can establish warehousing and distribution services in all of the major metropolitan areas within the US. We work to make our network seamless for clients with standardized services and pricing.

Our warehousing and distribution services are tailored to each client's needs. We work in concert with each customer, and their customer, to ensure that all services are included and performed according to client needs and directions. HLG tailors services from bulk storage to traditional distribution to “lite assembly” of orders. All client inventories and activities can be accessed via our web site through the “client log in” link. This link also allows clients to “drop” orders and/or other instructions concerning their product.

Freight Management

HERITAGE LOGISTICS GROUP offers a full menu of freight management services covering all modes of transportation. We can negotiate rates for LTL, FTL, Intermodal, Small Parcel (both air & ground) and Ocean. Once a freight program has been created for a client, HLG can manage the day-to-day functions either on-site or remotely. We can design, staff and train a client’s on in-house freight function. Clients may also track shipment milestones through HLG’s client log in web site.

Project Design/Implementation

HLG partners and their associates have a combined total of over 100 years of experience in logistics and supply chain Project Design and Management. We are experts at looking at your total supply chain to ensure increased efficiencies and cost effective results. HLG uses any number of tools in such as CAPS, Opti Site, and project management tools. This lets allows us to provide you clients with detailed documentation  to ensure complete control of their projects. A major component of all of our projects is the creation of Mapping Process and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).

In addition to designing supply chain projects, HLG has the expertise to assist clients in implementing targeted projects. We work with existing teams, or take the lead, in working to put into practice a client’s selected project(s). HLG can assemble teams of experts to handle all facets of an implementation, from design to modeling to activation of a project.